Assalamu Aleikum Warrahamtu Allahi wabarakatuh,

Welcome to my blog! If you were like me, you are in search on faceless dolls for your children as I was. My beautiful daughter was born in August of 2013 alhamduAllah. I wanted to give her the best but one conflict I had was about the dolls. I wanted my daughter to have something that was Islamically appropriate. I wanted it to not have eyes and I also wanted it dressed more modestly than the dolls that are available in the U.S. market. However, I couldn’t find something I liked as there were very few options of faceless dolls in the U.S.

Fast forward two years, I came across a woman on etsy.com who made these beautiful crochet dolls, amigurumi as it is called. As I looked into the craft, I found myself more drawn to it. I soon purchased my own crochet hooks and some yarn. I started learning the basic stitches, which is really not much at all. I looked for videos on YouTube explaining how to do the stitches and how to read crochet patterns. I was hooked.

In a way, I was obsessed with mastering the techniques. I practiced and practiced, and within a month I was starting to making crochet amigurumi. Even though it has only been a few months, I have started to share my projects on Facebook and even sell a few. You can see my Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/facelessdolls. You can also email me at: facelessdollsblog@gmail.com.

I wanted to start this blog so I may share my dolls to a wider audience as well as create a forum to aid those in learning the craft. I hope you enjoy my blog. JazakaAllahu Kheirun.

Salamu aleikum,

Umm Maryam

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