Finishing a few more doll before Ramadan

Ramadan is coming and I plan to put away my crochet hooks for the month. That being said, I needed to finish a few more orders before Ramadan started. Here are what I have done:

This doll is for my daughter’s best friend, who has beautiful curly, blond hair.



The next two dolls are a set, made to match a 3-year old’s parents:




The niqab on the girl doll is attached to the hijab, which is attached to the head. It isn’t removable but it can be flipped over to show the face.



Here is the back



As for the man doll, he is wearing a white thobe. He’s a white American Muslim:


I’m done for a month now alhamduAllah. I can’t wait for Ramadhan to start now.


One thought on “Finishing a few more doll before Ramadan

  1. Ana V says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatuh sister Masha’Allah I really enjoy your work. I was wondering about the prices on dolls with niqab if you can please email me with the info I would greatly appreciate it.


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