Crochet doll in Tulle dress

I have been working on a 3 doll order for a customer. The first doll I have completed is this beautiful crochet doll in a maroon dress with a mix of purple and pink tulle for the bottom of the dress.


Attaching tulle to a crochet item is pretty simple. As I made the body of the doll, I crochet the back loops only for the row I wanted to add the tulle. Once the doll’s body was done, I went back and attached another yarn on the row that had the back loops crocheted. I chained one, and then single crochet in each of the front loops. After the row of single crochet was completed, I then slip stitched into the first single crochet and fastened off.

I used 6″ roll of tulle. You will have to fold the tulle and pull it though each single crochet. Use a small crochet hook to help out. I followed the method shown in this video: I put pink tulle in one single crochet, then purple tulle in the next, and kept going this way.

The top of the dress was a little tricky. The purple flower has a button whole in the back so I used a very think crochet hook to pull two pieces of pink tulle in. I took thread to sew it in place at the center  of the chest. You can also use fabric glue to fasten it in place. I used a purple ribbon and some fabric glue to secure the pieces in the back, and used fabric glue to glue the part with the ribbon to the back.



I then made a bow with the pink tulle and attached it to the purple ribbon to make a headband. I loved how it came out in the end.



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