More Recent Girl Doll Projects

Assalamu Aleikum,

I searched a long time for a doll pattern that I felt was worth making my own. I paid for a few projects but I was not completely happy. Eventually, I came across this blog: Her pattern was different in that the legs are actually crocheted with the torso in a way that allows the doll to sit. There are many other patterns out there where the limbs are made separately and then sewn together with a crochet needle and the remaining yarn. The problem with that is that usually you can see the yarn that was used to attach the limb. Her patterns do not have that problem for the legs at least, which is one of the hardest limb to sew in.

I used her Simply Amis doll pattern available free on her site but I made a few changes. First, the doll pattern is about 8.5 inches tall. I personally wanted a taller doll, so I added a few rows on single crochet stitches on the legs and torso to make it around 11 inches tall. Since I made the body taller, I had to make the head bigger too. I have used a few different patterns for the head and I am still trying to find the perfect head shape.

Second, the clothes in her pattern are crochet separately from the body. I find this method to be much more tedious and gave my doll a more rough look. Below is an example of her doll with a separate crochet abaya put on her afterward.



Jpeg- Simply Amis

As you can see, the crochet abaya made the doll look to thick. What I do now, as many amigurumi doll makers out there do, is crochet the clothes right onto the doll’s main body. For example, if I wanted to the doll to be wearing a black dress, I would switch the yarn I was using for the legs and torso on the doll’s body to black yarn around the midsection of the torso. When I make the change in color, I will only crochet in the back loop only in that first row. This way I can go back afterward and add another row of single crochet so the yarn gives the illusion that the clothes are not connected. If you do not crochet, I understand that explanation may not make sense. I will try to give a more detailed explanation in the future inshaAllah. Here is an example of my second Simply Amis Doll:


Jpeg- Simply Amis

I am still editing her pattern with every new doll I make to make it better. My next project will try to get the arms to be crochet directly in with the torso as the legs are. Below are some of the dolls I have made more recently.


Doll in a beautiful pink dress:


Doll in a white and black abaya:


Doll in a Shalwar Kameez:



Doll with a tulle bottom dress:


Custom doll for my cousin:


InshaAllah, there will be more to come. I hope you enjoyed looking at my projects.




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